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Debate Highlights on Red Eye

Here's the highlights from the debate (with a few edits) Let me know if you CAN'T see the video below. I've embedded it from facebook and it's working from my end, so you should be able to see the embedded video below.

Here are our highlights from the #GOPdebate #redeye

Posted by Red Eye w/ Tom Shillue on Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Blizzard of '78

So Winter Storm Juno of 2015 was a bit overhyped in the NYC area, but it did hit New England hard. Still, nothing can compare to the great Blizzard of '78, which shut down my Massachusetts town for a whole week. It was also historic for another reason.

New Site

I decided to make a new site using squarespace which I think is pretty neat and simple. We'll see if this makes me update my site more often- I've been pretty bad at keeping up with adding shows, etc.

So far I'm doing amazing.